MILAN IBRAHIMOVIC – We told in the last days about the possibility that Ibrahimovic returns to Ac Milan in January. You will discover how this could be possible. First of all, after the message of the last few days, the swede would be keeping in touch with the old teammates and the main “contact” would be Abate, with whom you have good relations. Secondly, there is his wife Helena, already tired of life in Paris (among other things was also robbed) and that has nostalgia of Milan. There would be no obstacle, the engagement, but it seems that Ibra is ready to make sacrifices to return to Milan even if Raiola does not seem to feel the same way. The Milan for now are open and waiting for the moves of Ibra certain is that his return would be dramatic but at the same time very fruitful since the beginning of lean Milan especially of the attackers, as well as the net step back Boateng and Nocerino, the two that were most affected by the giant of farewell to Malmo.

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